The Climate PM App: Connecting Carbon Sinks with Investment

Now that our data is available openly for anyone to read, our hope for this app ( is to capture the public’s imagination of what can be done to lower CO2 emissions. If these could be recorded as prospective projects, it becomes possible for clean energy investment companies to potentially view the list of projects by country or region and look for ones they want to fund.

This week we added carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects that each capture at least 1 million metric tons (MMT) of CO2 equivalents (CO2e) every year. However, we also want to capture new agriculture projects that are storing carbon in the soil, new renewable energy projects that people want nearby if enough funding could be arranged, new nuclear plants in developing areas of the world, and so on. The challenge for the reader is to think what kinds of projects would be needed to realistically lower CO2 emissions, then add them to the plan through our app.

To put the necessary scale of this effort into perspective, in 2019 the entire world emitted 33 gigatonnes of CO2 [1], equal to 33,000 million metric tons of CO2. That means we need at most 33,000 projects on our app. Some projects will reduce or sequester multiple MMTs of CO2 so we won’t need all 33,000 projects. However, the many thousands of projects required gives us the sense that there is plenty of work ahead.


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